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Foam Uses & Foam Usage

Do It Yourself Resources by eFoamstore.com

The most common uses of foam include:

Chair Cushions
Patio Furniture
Ceramic Packaging
Glass Packaging
Golf Cart Seating
Dental Chair Seating
Church Kneelers
Workout Bench Upholstery
Chiropractic Pillows
Chiropractic Rollers
Decorative Valances
Do-It- Yourself Reupholsery
Church Pews
Cot Cushioning
Day Beds
Dinning Room Chairs
Display Models
Exercise Mats
Fabric Backing
Bed Wedges
Boat Seats
Bunk Beds
Cabin Cruiser Beds
Camping Beds
Camping Pads
Car and Truck Seats
Case Padding
Chair Arms and Backs
Motor Home Beds
Motor Home Seats
Packaging Material
Physical Therapy
Roll A Way Beds
Sofa Cushions
Scooter Seating
Wall Padding
Window Seats

We make custom shapes and sizes to fit all your needs.
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Foam Usage:


Foam for custom carrying casesMaking a rugged customized carrying case / accessory case from one of the cheap aluminum cases available from the larger stores is cost effective and easy.  Polyethylene foam is often used as it doesn't retain gases, doesn't hold moisture, and its compression properties will hold your valuables very well.


Today we see more and more new homes and buildings that are being insulated and decorated with shapes cut from foam.  Hundreds of different architectural shapes like moldings, trims, bands, cornices, sills, balusters and columns are easily cut to supply this large industry.


Residential / Commercial

Taxidermy Molds

Hot Beverage Mug Insulation

Cold Beverage Mug Insulation

Cooler Insulation

Large Cavity Filling

Garage Door Insulation

Pipe Cushioning / Insulation

Vibration Reducing Insulation

Noise Deadening Insulation

Structural Foam Sculptures

Structural Foam Containers 

Cost Effective Movie Sets

Rodent & Pest Resistance

Spa & Hot Tub Insulation

Water Heater Insulation

Refrigerator Insulation

High Floatation Foam Insulation


foam for reupholstery Foam is one of the best and least expensive packaging materials used to protect products.  Packaging customers often need large numbers of the same shape.


Reupholstery such as reupholstering any piece of furniture changes the look and appearance of the furniture and increases its lifespan.  Simply replacing the foam padding on any older piece of furniture or vehicle such as a couch, seat, chair, or stool is a very common use of foam.  More about using foam for reupholstery.

Sound Proofing:

foam for sound proofingEgg crate foam is recommended if you want the good sound deadening qualities of wedge foam, but at a budget-conscious price.  Eggcrate / convoluted foam's style keeps its price low, yet allows it to absorb sound very well for the price.  Egg crate foam is also a good choice for people who want to cover their sound deadening foam with acoustical cloth.  More about foam soundproofing.

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