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Seat Cushion Foam

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Designed for comfort and durability characteristics our seat cushion foam will be a perfect replacement to fix your old cushions.  eFoamstore will custom tailor your foam to feel soft, medium, or firm as well as to your exact body weight if needed.

Is your shape not on this page? We make custom shapes and sizes to fit all your needs. Please contact us.

Do I need to Replace my Seat Cushion Foam?

  • If your seat cushion material is older than about 10 years
  • If it is beginning to have a rounded front edge
  • If the seat cushion foam doesn't offer you the support you need to feel comfortable
  • ...Then you are probably ready for new foam

Replacing Seat Cushion Foam


When measuring foam seat cushions to replace the foam there are a few things to taken into consideration:

  • The new foam interior needs to be slightly bigger than your cushion cover:
    This allows the foam to be slightly compacted and will help it to fill out the cushion cover properly.

  • If the foam interior is too small then your seat cushion cover will wrinkle when you sit on it.

  • If the new foam fillings are too big you may strain the seams and zip on your cushion cover and your new cushion will not look right

When replacing seat cushion foam, generally, you will need to add 1 to the cushion width, and 1 to the cushion length.  You may also want to add 1 to the depth of the cushion as well.  This will ensure that your seat cushions have a domed appearance instead of looking too flat.

Best Foam to Use for Seat Cushion Replacement?

Rectangular foam, which can be rounded at the edge, is recommended for most applications.  High density foam that is durable is recommended.

If you have any questions about selecting the right seat cushion foam or how to measure cushions for replacement please contact us.

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